Rental Application
Please print application, fill it out completely, and fax to 303-355-4113.You can call Classic Properties of Denver at 303-355-4112 to verify fax arrival.
Property Interested In______________________            Preferred Move-in Date_____________________
Name(Occupant)_______________________Soc. Sec. #_________________Date of Birth______________
Phone #__________________        Driver's License or ID #_________________________________
Present Address______________________________________
Community/Landlord Name & Address____________________________________Phone #__________________
Dates of Residence: From:___________ To:_____________ Rent Paid:________________
Present Employer__________________________  Contact Name______________Phone #__________________
Position__________________________Date Hired________________Gross Income____________
Name(Co-Occupant)_____________________Soc. Sec. #________________Date of Birth______________
Driver's License or ID #_________________________________
Present Address______________________________________
Community/Landlord Name & Address____________________________________Phone#___________________
Dates of Residence: From:___________ To:_____________ Rent Paid:________________
Present Employer__________________________   Contact Name_____________ Phone #__________________
Position__________________________Date Hired________________Gross Income____________
Do you require special accomodations?________________If yes, what type?________________________________
Do you own an animal?____________________If yes, what type?_____________________________________
Have you ever been evicted from a place of rental_________________If yes, when?___________________________
Do you owe any unpaid rent?_____________________If yes, how much?_______________________________
Have you ever violated a lease, rental agreement, or regulations at a former place of rent?__________________________
Have you ever been charged with misuse or abuse to any rental property?______________________________________
Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a Motor Vehicle Violation?_________________
If yes, please explain:_________________________________________________________________________________
The applicant(s) understands that approval of this application is conditional upon the information supplied in the above sections.
I/We certify that the information herein is TRUE and CORRECT, that this application is submitted for the purpose of inducing
approval of this application in my/our behalf, and any errors in this application may be used by the owner to terminate the
lease at any time. This is to inform you that as a part of our procedure for processing your application, an investigative consumer
report may be prepared whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with your landlord, employer, others with
whom you are aquainted, a credit check, and criminal report.  Applicant's deposit (minus the background check fee, any
credit card/debit card use fees, and postage fees) shall be refunded within 7 days if the applicant is not accepted as a resident. 
Upon notification of acceptance, the applicant's deposit becomes nonrefundable and it shall be retained as liquidated damages
for holding the apartment off the market if the applicant does not enter into a lease agreement.  Upon acceptance and entering
into a lease agreement, the deposit shall be applied to the security deposit required under the terms of the lease. 
I/We hereby agree with these conditions. 
Date:_____________________Signature of Applicant:_________________________________
Date:_____________________Signature of Applicant:_________________________________